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About The Nutrition Division of the Israel Ministry of Health

This division focuses on issues related to nutrition among the general (healthy) population and subpopulations among the public who suffer from diseases that necessitate special nutrition. The division’s activities are carried out in cooperation with other entities within the Ministry of Health and outside it. They have a broad perspective on nutrition as an integral aspect in issues pertaining to human health, the environment, society, and the economy.

This division has various functions:

  • to serve as the leading professional authority on nutrition in Israel and to determine basic policy for the country regarding sustainable nutrition.

  • to develop and implement health promotion programs to improve food security and to prevent and reduce inequalities and gaps in access to nutritious food.

  • to ensure the quality of nutrition for the population through training, human resources, legislative regulations and procedures, and quality indicators based on surveys and inspections.

  • to serve as a professional resource on issues related to food and nutrition, to assess these issues, and to provide media coverage for the general population and for professionals.

  • to conduct health and nutrition status surveys.

  • to collaborate with other government ministries, academia, organizations, associations, medical institutions, and local authorities for the purpose of promoting and implementing their role.