is as simple constructing block of really good care us the education and instruction of our nurses especially dear.Throughout the instruction, expertise and expertise are taught which are necessary to get a certified autonomous provide of sick people. The detection of the need for care and the independent implementation of simple care and treatment also as assisting activities in diagnosis and therapy are among your duties. Mentors of your respective stations and Praxisanleiter accompany you.College student or other equivalent education or higher school or Equivalent education in mixture together with the successful completion of vocational instruction (min. two years of study) or perhaps a permit as a nurse assistant / in Physical and mental resilience joy desirable internship working with folks teamwork and communication capabilities.

The education will start out on September 01 of each calendar year and ends right after three years of instruction using the conclusion: nurse / care professional.The education allowance is determined by the SRH clinics collective agreement for trainees and students in wellness and healthcare care: 1st year 1146 EUR 1212 EUR 2nd year 3rd year 1323 Euro.the education would be to help the theory-practice transfer in 12 areas of finding out such as e.g .:recognize care scenarios in many people of all ages, Detecting and Choosing Care measures, implemented and evaluated with help, advice and guidance in health and summarize and paraphrase online care matters relevant actions to maintain scientific findings align initiate life help emergency measures.Through your coaching, knowledge, skills and skills are taught, the sick to get a certified care folks are necessary under the guidance of a nurse. To execute fundamental care independently by and help / help nurses within the therapy care. All trainees are accompanied by mentors in the respective stations and Praxisanleitern.

College student or other equivalent High school or equivalent education in combination with.(Minimum duration of education. two years) one-year vocational college in the field of well being / social welfare or have completed vocational coachingPhysical and mental resilience joy desirable internship working with many people teamwork and communication abilities.The coaching of well being care and nursing assistant or for the well being and nursing assistants ends with a state-recognized qualification. The education will start out on September 01 of each calendar year and ends after one year of education. The training allowance is determined by the SRH clinics collective agreement for trainees and students in well being and medical care.

The training is always to support the theory-practice transfer inside the following understanding locations:Care conditions in elderly and sick folks perceive and take part in care measures predicament for disabled communicate in acute emergencies adequately act maintenance actions on top quality criteria, legal and economic circumstances align Skilled self-develop and handle professional needs.Tips on how to reach us!Jenny Buß Human Resources Phone: 0365 828-8204 send e-mail.Education in nursing.The training of certified nurses has at our hospital tradition. We train care specialists (formerly registered nurse), well being care and nursing assistants and Med-tech. Assistant inside the operating area and anesthesia Technical Wizard. We cooperate with all the State Vocational School Wellness, Welfare and Social Education in Gera. The practical operations carried out within the departments / clinics of SRH Wald-Klinikum Gera. Interns are consistently welcome!

Our trainees are accompanied by mentors with the respective stations and Praxisanleitern. Our nurses routinely attend instruction courses to keep their expertise up-to-date.Totally new: trainees the 3-year education of nurses and healthcare technical-surgery help get our desirable trainee package:iPad (transfer throughout the instruction may be retained just after) user for the CNE instruction portal textbooks package introductory course at the beginning from the training field trips in the course of instruction student exchange in between the SRH clinics SRH trainee occasion in Heidelberg (in the 2nd or 3rd year) over info (six months prior to the exam binding statement with the education clinic, followed by a additional takeover opportunities in other SRH clinics)This web-site makes use of cookies.Cookies are critical for the proper functioning of a web site. A few of these cookies are technically imperative to ensure functionality on the web site. In addition, we use some cookies that assist us to improve this web page and your experience. For those who "am I agree" button, then both the technically needed cookies are stored, also because the cookies to knowledge on user behavior. Nevertheless, if you happen to click on "Reject", then we retailer only the technically vital cookies. For far more information, please visit our Privacy web page.